Mel’s Always Hungry for – Bibi’s Cantina

Come on Bibi light my fire… Cantina handle how much I love your food…

Sorry needed to get the cheesy valentine puns out of my system so that I can give a professional review of Bibi’s Cantina. PFFT. Scratch that! When you’re in love you should just shout it from the rooftop, or blog post.

I am a bit of a sap for Bibi’s, not just because my partner and I had our second date there (and continue to have many subsequent dates there), but there’s something very special about this West End Tex-Mex restaurant.

Decor 10/10

Atmosphere 10/10

Staff 10/10

Food 10/10

Price 10/10

Overall feels 10/10!!!

For me, it’s the little things that make Bibi’s Cantina the number one Mexican eatery in all of Glasgow:

1.Did someone say Tequila?

Hand me a margarita and I will love you for life. Bibi’s hand you a shot of frozen margarita every time you go. The love is strong my friends.

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Finally getting round to sharing my birthday dinner pics 🎈🍴🎈 @bibis_cantina is my favourite place in Glasgow for Mexican food and I’ve not been for so long! If you’ve never been before you’ll love: 1. The tortilla chips and salsa you get on arrival 2. The shot of frozen margarita you also get on arrival 3. The free refills on wraps and condiments (salsa, cheese, sour cream) you get if you order chicken fajitas 🎉🎉🎉 What I ate: 🍴Starter🍴Toasted steak and onion quesadillas 🍴Main🍴Chicken fajitas 🍴Desert🍴Cinnamon tortilla chips What I drank: Frozen margaritas 💃 #bibis #bibiscantina #mexicanfood #glasgow #glasgowfood #glasgowfoodie #foodie #salsa #tequila #cocktails #margarita #fajitas #lovefood

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2. It’s Nacho food, but it could be!

A shot of free frozen margarita not good enough for you? Good thing they also give you a plate of nachos and fresh home made salsa as well when you arrive then! That salsa is worth visiting Bibi’s for alone it’s that good.

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I swear I don’t usually visit @bibis_cantina on a monthly basis but the last couple of months we’ve had my birthday and my boyfriends. With Bibi’s being our favourite restaurant it was a no brainer we’d end up back there this week for his 28th birthday celebrations 🎈 I decided to mix things up and try something else other than chicken fajitas (which btw I’m sure I’ve said before but SERIOUSLY Bibi’s do incredible fajitas), and I wasn’t disappointed. The crispy steak and onion tacos are insaaaane 🤤🤤🤤 So as always massive 10/10 for this place 💗🍴💗 #bibiscantina #bibis #glasgow #glasgowwestend #glasgowfood #mexican #mexicanfood #food #foodstagram #foodie

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3. Refill me up!

First time at Bibi’s? ORDER THE CHICKEN FAJITAS. I firmly believe this is their signature dish. The chicken is marinated in tequila and other spices and it is just incredible. But that’s not the best part. You get FREE refills on wraps, sour cream, cheese AND salsa. Best for taste and value for money by far.

This intimate little Cantina on Dumbarton Road is by far the most superior Tex-Mex restaurant in all of Glasgow. The staff are attentive, the food and the little touches are so authentic and considerate, and you’re not going to be bled dry when the bill comes either. The early bird menu is a great place to start and only £11.95 for 2 courses!

Click here to check out the rest of the menu and book your table.

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