Review: Te Seba

Te Seba – Pasta and Prosecco Heaven

If you live in Glasgow and haven’t spent a Friday night at Te Seba on Great Western Road, what the hell are you doing with your life? Ever since they opened almost a month ago I’ve been eager to go. I mean, come on, the sign above the door literally screams foodie heaven. Pasta – check! Prosecco – check! So last Friday night I finally got my butt down there with a couple of friends to see if Te Seba lived up to the hype.


So lets get to the review:

Atmosphere 7/10

We arrived around 6.30pm after messaging ahead to see if there was availability. Te Seba don’t take reservations so I’d recommend you slide into their DMs before you set off just to be sure you’ll get a seat. When we got there it was still quite quiet but the dinner time pace soon picked up. There’s definitely a family-ran feel about the place which makes it feel so relaxing and fun. If I had to nit pick I’d say when the place was full it was actually really hard for us to hear one another, but lets be honest the fact that it was busy and buzzing can only be a good thing.

Service 9/10

The staff were very friendly and attentive all night. I can’t find a single fault in their customer service. Usually I don’t really like when staff ask if everything is okay with the meal but given the family feel of the place I think they genuinely care when they check up on you. One member of staff even went as far as to re-stir my friends Peach Bellini because it had been sat for a while and the syrup had sank to the bottom. We didn’t ask, he just wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

Food 9/10


I had theĀ roast chicken, spinach and cream pappardelle flat ribbons (above far right image). My friend Misha had the bacon, egg and parmesan (far left), Ellie had the Italian sausage, parmesan and cream fettuccini ribbons (center). The pasta was fresh and full of flavor. I’m heading to Rome in September and all I could think was “I hope the pasta is as good as this in Italy!”.

Drinks 10/10


If you love Bellini’s, you’re going to love the variety at Te Seba. I made my way through 3 of the 6 cocktail options. Pineapple and coconut, peach, and watermelon. All perfect remedies for the heat wave we’ve had recently. I can’t wait to go back and try the elderflower, lychee and raspberry Bellini’s.

Price 9/10

I have three words for you. Five. Pound. Cocktails.

Overall feels 9/10

I may not be in the mood for pasta every weekend but I’ll always be in the mood for prosecco. I’ve got every intention of going back for more, so if anyone fancies some bubbles this weekend give me a shout!



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