Review: Singl-end Merchant City

I am having severe post hen weekend blues. One of the greatest ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my friend is getting hitched in a few weeks time. Last week we kicked off her hen weekend in Glasgow before heading to Islay for an absolute riot of a weekend (potential blog to follow). When I found out we were starting festivities at the new Singl-end in Merchant City I knew this would be my next review.


Through the haze of prosecco and hen squad fun I’ve managed to piece together this review:

Atmosphere 8/10

A year ago the venue was a bar that I remember visiting on a Saturday night for drinks and it was practically empty bar my friend and I and maybe one other table.  A year later and taken over by Singl-end, we arrived in the afternoon on Friday and already the restaurant was very busy. It’s a great size so never felt too cramped. Even with our suitcases we still had plenty of space to sit down and enjoy our meal.

Decor 7/10

As a west end gal I’ve got a bit of a thing for high ceilings. Singl-end has lovely high ceilings and a conservatory that make the cafe feel big and spacious. What used to be a bar is now the kitchen so if you’re sat in the main restaurant area you can watch the magic happen. I’d love to find out where the idea for the tables came from as the old Polaroids and travel post cards seem like a very sweet and personal touch.

Service 8/10

The staff were attentive in making sure we always had a bottle of fizz to keep us going. Can’t see better than that with a hen party!

Food 10/10

Two words. BAKED. EGGS. There’s a reason why this is the most popular dish on the menu. I had the veggie baked eggs (I would have tried the baked meaty eggs but I was too full from all the fizz) with added halloumi and  a side of sweet potato and almond bread. The closest dish I’ve ever had to this was at Maison Bleue in Edinburgh but that was more of a baked eggs and cheese kind of situation so this was a real first in terms of taste. This casserole of tomato and spices was packed full of flavour and so moreish that I disappointingly couldn’t clear my plate.

Price 7/10

I think £10 for a main course on a lunch menu is a little bit steep, especially when it’s then an extra £1 for halloumi (apparently this used to be included but now you have to pay extra for). My stinginess aside I’d go back and pay it again.

Overall feels 8/10

My new pal Jen (we met on the hen weekend at Singl-end and I think we might be a little bit in love) had the Baked Meaty Eggs with added halloumi and she gave it “a solid 9/10, would recommend to a friend”. So I guess I’ll just have to be that friend and head back for more!


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