Edinburgh Fringe Street Food Review

Fringe Festival Street Food Review – Udderbelly @ George Square

This week I’ve had some annual leave to use, and I managed to plan my time off around the Edinburgh Fringe which I rarely get round to attending.  My boyfriend and I had a little double date with our friends Mr & Mrs Howe (yas newlyweds!) to see NewsRevue at George Square. If you like your comedy sketch shows with a big helping of musical flare and political satire, you’ll love this show!

EdFringe - NewsRevue Show 2018

But this review is not about the show, as always, it’s about the food.

Here’s a rundown of what I thought of the street food at Udderbelly, George Square:

Taste – overall 8/10

I’ve scored all the street food that I sampled at George Square an average 8/10. Here’s a breakdown of what I thought of the individual dishes that I tried:

The Buffalo Truck – 10/10

The Buffalo Truck came highly recommended by friends of mine that have visited The Big Feed in Glasgow. I can see now why they are Scottish Street Food Awards champions 2 years in a row.

I had the Buffalo Chicken Burger which is a classic combination of buttermilk fried chicken, buffalo hot sauce and blue cheese. I don’t usually have fried chicken unless its wings but The Buffalo Truck make such juicy burgers I’ll happily go back for more.

Cargo Spud – 6/10

I hadn’t heard of Cargo Spud before visiting George Square. Their menu is split between ‘Poutine’ and ‘Jackets’. I think the nostalgia of my visit to Vancouver last year drew me to the Poutine side of the board, however my love of tex-mex got the better of me.

I had the chips with chipotle BBQ pulled pork, sour cream, spring onions and jalapenos. It was nice enough but I think I was expecting a bit more flavour from the pork and a little less sour cream diluting the flavours. Next time I’d want to try the actual Poutine, make sure it’s proper cheese curds and gravy. God I miss Canada…

The Mac Shack – 7/10

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That's a lot of Mac n cheese!

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My boyfriend had the haggis mac n cheese from The Mac Shack and I did what any good girlfriend would do, I tried some of his to make sure it was good enough for him to eat. Obv. After a couple of bites it had the Mel ‘seal of approval’.

Chick + Pea – 10/10

Now this one, I wish I had taken my own photo of. My friend Emma bought some halloumi fries from Chick + Pea, who are regulars at Platform in Glasgow. These are the BEST halloumi fries I have ever had the pleasure of trying. A lot don’t get it right, some are too greasy, others not fried enough. Chick + Pea have found a winning formula. Next time I see them at a street food festival, I’ll definitely be buying a portion all for myself.

Portions – 7/10

If you’ve never had street food before, I’d advise that you get 2 or 3 dishes to fill you up. Though not tiny portions, one burger or loaded fries does not a meal make. This is a unique positive about street food that makes it easier for you to try more from various stands and trucks. The only thing I would say is that the haggis mac n cheese could have been a little bit bigger.

Price – 7/10

It really depends on what you feel value for money means when it comes to street food. For my burger and loaded fries I paid a total of £13.50 which I think is pretty average for a main course in a restaurant. In my opinion, you’re supporting a small business and great tasting food. That’s value for money in my eyes.

Overall Feels – 7/10

The Fringe is sadly only on for another week or so, hopefully I’ll get a chance to expand on this next weekend but if not, let me know what good food finds you’ve discovered at the Fringe on my Instagram @melsalwayshungry

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