My Ultimate West End Dinner Dates of 2018

Happy new year! My reflection of 2018 has extended well into the first week of January as I try to acclimatize to the new year. Partly because I may have celebrated a bit too hard at the bells, and partly because I’ve also returned to my day job this week (a shock to the system and a well-needed break for my kidneys). In the first part of my 2018 review series, I talked about my favorite Glasgow brunch spots of the year. But the list doesn’t stop at brunches for my most enjoyed segments of last year (must get into the habit of saying ‘last year’ but it doesn’t feel right yet).

In the second part of my 2018 review series, I’ve opted to round up my favorite dinner dates that I’ve experienced in Glasgow’s West End. These are places where I have not only shared good food but also great memories with some of my most loved family and friends, and on most occasions my other half.

utimate dinner dates of 2018

I’m currently working on a 2019 Brunch Bucketlist based on some great suggestions from my followers on Instagram, but soon I’ll be looking for some 2019 dinner date suggestions (West End and beyond) so don’t hesitate to comment below with your recommendations or slide into my DMs on Instagram @melsalwayshungry.

To read my review of Bibi’s Cantina click here:

To read my review of Te Seba click here:

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