Foodie Friday: Foodstagram_UK

For the foodies amongst us, Instagram is way more than just a platform to share our date night dinners or food market feasts. It’s a great place to connect and inspire those around us. In this new Foodie Friday feature, my goal is to find out more about my community and why they do what they do.

In this first edition of Foodie Friday I caught up with the lovely couple behind Foodstagram UK on what makes their tummies tick.

Foodie Bio

Account: Foodstagram_UK

Live since: October 2018

Names: Natasha & the Other Half

Age: 29 & a wee bit older

Location: Glasgow (West) & soon (South) also


How did you become Foodstagram_UK? 

Foodstagram_UK came about as we are both constantly taking food photographs before meals and we thought, why not document these rather than have them only in our camera rolls. It is a hobby for us and if the food we post inspires others then that’s a bonus.

What’s your foodie journey?

Our food journies are completely different, Natasha has always been a keen cook and has a palate for literally anything whereas the Other Half has always been fussy with food and is only now discovering that he likes all different flavours due to Natasha’s influence. Her mission in life is to get the other half to become more open-minded about food and less fussy.
What’s Natasha’s favourite thing to cook?
Favourite cuisine to cook is Chinese, taking it back to my roots. The only thing I’ve not tried is to make my own dumplings but hoping to change that in the near future.
I’d love to learn how to cook Chinese cuisine, I’ll need to steal some recipes from you.  Any tips to get me started?
I’m not the best even though I come from a family full of chefs. I follow recipes mainly. My top tip would be to use proper Chinese ingredients from the Chinese supermarket. See Woo is the best place to buy from. 
Is there a particular place that you’ve enjoyed eating at that the Other Half would never have considered before? 
Even although he ate western Chinese food before we met he would never have entered Loon Fung. The Other Half would never know what to order so I just order and he eats, and eats most of the dishes, barring seafood, but I will get him eating it at some stage!
What’s the best and worst thing about being foodies?
The best thing about being a foodie on Instagram has to be the sense of community and how lovely and supportive the majority of other foodies are, as well as hopefully being able to give recommendations to others. The worst thing is the dent in the pocket that it leaves. But let’s be honest we all love eating out!
Favourite date night spot in Glasgow? 
We don’t really do date nights, we generally don’t eat out that often but when we do, Partick Duck Club would be right up there no matter what time of day. But all in all, we prefer to try new places in order to find new gems.
Fair enough, what new places are on your 2019 bucket list for visiting?
We have so many places on the list, it seems to be neverending. Scran GLA, Bramble & Mesa are all right up there and we saw the menu for The Left Bank today whilst out walking and it looks great for brunch. For nighttime, we would like to try So L.A, Wee Lochran (which we’ve seen rave reviews about) & Julie’s Kopitiam when Natasha moves to Southside. There are many more but these are defo near the top of the list.
Those sound great! I’ve had dinner at The Left Bank previously but hadn’t considered it for brunch. Also, haven’t tried any of the others so I’ll keep an eye out for your review. 

Last question. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming an Instagram Foodie? 

For anyone thinking about becoming an Insta Foodie we would say just be yourself, don’t try and chase followers and forget the fact that you started it out as a hobby. It’s all about having fun and smiling whilst you eat the food. Also, do not start one because you think you will get freebies. It doesn’t work that way and it’s the completely wrong attitude to have! Just embrace other foodies and enjoy eating ALL the food. 



For all the food, drink and love their wee account has to offer, follow @foodstagram_uk on Instagram.

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