Review: Te Seba

Brought to you by the guys behind firm West End favourite Turnip and Enjoy comes a sensational taste experience of pasta and prosecco. Let's get fizzical with Te Seba.

Comet Pieces Is On A Roll

I stopped by Comet Pieces on Sunday to try one of their signature rolls. Their food is sourced locally as much as possible and their paper cup coffee is the ultimate weekend pick-me-up! Find out how I rated the new Cafe on Queen Margaret Drive.

Mel’s Always Hungry for – Bibi’s Cantina

Come on Bibi light my fire... Cantina handle how much I love your food... Sorry needed to get the cheesy valentine puns out of my system so that I can give a professional review of Bibi's Cantina. PFFT. Scratch that! When you're in love you should just shout it from the rooftop, or blog post. I am a bit of a sap for Bibi's, not just because my partner and I had our second date there (and continue to have many subsequent dates there), but there's something very special about this West End Tex-Mex restaurant.

Bad Ass Brunch Recommendations

If you've already read my last blog then you'll know I am absolutely daft for brunch! It's 100% become my favourite meal since moving to Glasgow. You can roll out of bed in the afternoon on a Saturday/Sunday, usually feeling a wee bit tender from the night before, and rock up to so many eateries in the city for some good brunch munch. But where to go when there are so many choices?

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